The Anatomy of an Idea

Over the weekend, I was at a friend’s house avoiding the perilous feelings attached to loneliness. I wanted some time away from the things and people that were¬†making¬†my heart feel heavy, but at the same time couldn’t stand the idea of being by myself. So I spent the two days playing video games, talking nonsense and creating an atmosphere of happiness around me. Well, trying…

On the Sunday evening, when I was about to leave, my friend and I ended up having a weird conversation about whether a certain video game was part of our real lives, as students and young adults learning and trying to get a job and earn a living. What followed was a two-hour long conversation about a TV show script we then decided to write with each other.

Some artists – writers, painters, musicians or whoever else – tend to sit and dare themselves to create. They challenge themselves to make something they’ve never made before, or to push forcefully past a writer’s block or a creative rut. And sometimes that works, regardless of whether they like what they create. But, most times, the idea that grips you the most is the one that comes to you in the lightest and most enjoyable moments. Like when you’re just having a conversation with friends about something completely outlandish, only to realize that it could make sense if you did certain things to it and that others would find it just as interesting as you would.

So I’m in the process of writing a screenplay for this incredibly crazy idea, that weirdly enough is the only idea to my knowledge that I’ve been so excited to start. Hopefully, I’ll make a lot more progress than I usually do, and maybe even get a chance to share a few pages here with you guys when I have..well, a page.

Moral of the story; don’t force it. Nothing’s wrong with pushing yourself to make sure you can get out of the rut, but there’s often times more value in the cute little brainchild that sneaks up behind you and tugs at your shirt.