Leaving The Burning Building – The Toughest Piece I Ever Won With

For those who haven’t heard the great news, I just recently won the No Ifs No Butts Tobacco-Free Poetry Slam. Yeah, I imagine it sounds like something straight out of a sitcom, but I guarantee I took it completely seriously.

Seriously enough, that the night before the slam I was close to tears about the thought of even entering. Serious.

Me, performing my piece "Burning Bodies" at the Tobacco-Free Poetry Slam

Me, performing my piece “Burning Bodies” at the Tobacco-Free Poetry Slam

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The Broken Man – A Monologue

You think I care if you think what I did was wrong? You think I give a rat’s ass? About you, or those people, or the other cops who’ll be hosing the road with Coke to get the blood stains out? Lemme tell you – I don’t give a FUCK! Continue reading

Defense of the Depression

Here are three seemingly random truths about me;

  1. I have not cried since 2003. My eyes well up, all the emotion comes up in my throat to choke me, but to be completely honest I’ve never released any reasonably uncontrolled emotion since 2003.
  2. I hate to play Defense of the Ancients (DotA) with my friends, because I am horrible at it and everyone will scream jeers at me from across the room.

    Looks like the kind of game that people would be screaming across a room about, right? If you said no, you haven’t played it. (Screenshot courtesy Shh-Mom)

  3. I recently scored 38 in an exam meant to measure symptoms of depression. Anything over 24 is considered severe, and people who score that high are advised to seek professional help. Continue reading