Why I Love Luther….And What That Really Means

Promotional photo for the BBC crime drama ‘Luther’

When I first saw Luther, I was honestly just intrigued by the idea of seeing Idris Elba on a television series. I had missed every single episode of The Wire and had no intention of catching up on an entire two years of BET drama, but I’d seen him in film after film and in him I was well pleased. So when the very first thing I saw was Detective Chief Inspector John Luther standing menacingly over a serial pedophile, watching the man dangle dangerously from a piece of broken catwalk over a dark pit of rusty steel, leaving him to fall to his doom, I was shocked. I was appalled. And I was in Love. Continue reading


Love’s Not A Battlefield, It’s A Scandal…

The relationship between man and woman is critical to any work of fiction.

If one attempted to answer this question using Shonda Rhimes’ instant hit ‘Scandal’, they would have just too much to write about. In fact, I’m now quite ashamed in the fact that it took me almost two complete seasons to figure this out. But I’m going to pretend that I’ve stumbled on new information and share anyway…

‘Scandal’ is the story of renowned ‘fixer’ Olivia Pope, former Communications Consultant for the Office of the President of the United States of America turned classy, morally ambiguous savior of the socially status-rich and famous. Except it’s not. Yeah, sure, Olivia is the main character, the super heroine that we experience power and skill and cool demeanor through. But, she, like any good main character, is the person that we learn lessons through. Only, ‘Scandal’ is not like any other drama, where the lessons change. For Olivia Pope, the subject’s always the same – Love. Continue reading