Higher Level


Today’s 420. I’m in my room, with dark curtains all the way down, listening to Kid Cudi’s new album.

But the closest I’m getting to any green is a hot cup of Lipton green tea.

Marijuana has always been a big issue for me, even larger than murder, stealing and sexual misconduct. Lemme explain – politically, I am pro-legalization. I think that marijuana criminalization needlessly puts people in jail. People who have not necessarily harmed anyone, and cannot be placed in the same space as hardened criminals. They are often young people of a particular economic and social class (and race, but I digress) who lose the opportunity to make a future for themselves through education and contributing to society in what it views as constructive. I mean, no matter what you think about weed-smokers, they go to work just like sober folks.

But, on the other end, I believe that anything that takes away your sobriety, your control, and lends the power to your flesh, is not what a person truly needs. It’s heavily informed by my spiritual understanding, and how I now view the flesh against the soul. I’m completely okay with people doing whatever they feel they should, and for the most part I won’t completely shun you. But, at a point, that’s an energy that mine cannot mesh with. I suppose that’s okay too, once each person has the spiritual experience that makes them feel whole…

So, for those who are wondering how I’m spending 4/20, I’ll be having tea and rehearsing for my play in May.

And I wish the rest of you a sober and sobering day.

Blessings, Compassion, Peace & Love.


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