The Final Stretch

So, for those who didn’t get the memo, my mixtape, “The Exorcism of Port of Spain” is almost done. Now just comes the hardest part – the final touches, making sure that it’s safe to be released.

You might wonder what makes it so hard, given that it’s a Spoken Word EP. In honesty, all I have to do is perform a poem in front a mic and process it. But, to me, it’s more than that. I didn’t choose the first few poems I memorize or have written, but the poems that meant something powerful to me and that I imagine might mean something to those in my life. They are stories of people that I’ve met and tried to be there for, and of things I have experienced when no one tried to be there for me. It’s about the demons that I’ve tried to exorcise from the people that spark my Compassion, and of the demons that are still haunting me. In fact, there are a few sitting on my shoulders as I write these words…

Me in the studio getting some work done.

Me in the studio getting some work done.

This has actually dominated a lot of my time, and a great deal of my conversations with some people. And when I finally decide to bear my soul for anyone to download and critique, I’m sure that I’m going to shed a few fearful tears. Mainly because it’s my first venture into this territory, one that I deliberately did with a minimalist eye, and a project that says a lot of things that I am actually not prepared to say ever again. I mean, the track above, “Dominate”, has a line that says “I got the next Fran Ainsley in front and on her knees.” If that’s not a reason to get slapped by every one of my female friends…

And, one of the reasons I’m so eager to complete it, but also very concerned about what happens when it’s done, is because that won’t be the end of it. Not by a long shot. What happens with my art? Keep creating. What happens about the other people that some of these stories are about? Give Compassion. What happens to me?

I have no idea…

Update: The mixtape “The Exorcism of Port of Spain” is still not yet finished. Because of some financial concerns, I’ve been holding my hand. But don’t worry, soon come…


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