The Body Barrier Chronicles – The Faith

So, I’m officially on board on yet another theatre project – another play, produced by one of the teachers at my former school, to be directed by my friend and mentor and co-directed by myself. It’s a play much like the one I’m writing now, Body=Barrier, but a lot more…Christ-focused…and I’m not sure how to handle it. Continue reading


An Exorcism

So, for those who wanted more info, or simply didn’t know, I am embarking on a Spoken Word LP project this year, and if all goes well and I finish my stuff on schedule, the whole thing will be ready for human consumption by the middle of the year.

I’ve always wanted to have some of my work recorded and ready for human consumption. It means, to me, that my work kinda supersedes myself, and doesn’t require my presence anymore for someone to gather my meaning and experience.

But the reason why this project is important to me is because it’s not just a collection of random works from me. It represents an experience I’ve had and a much bigger thing that it translates to for me. The LP is going to be called ‘The Exorcism of Port of Spain’. It’s the capital of my homeland of Trinidad & Tobago, and also where I highlight that all our problems stem from. It’s where our greed grows. It’s the place that has crafted all our own stories of inadequacy. It’s the place that takes our mothers and fathers away from their homes. And there are so many stories connected to that almost accidentally – so many stories of the Trinbagonian and the ills that affect them – that I had to try to tell them all together. And exorcise those demons that we live with…

Look out for more news of what’s happening.

The Body Barrier Chronicles – What’s the Barrier?

They say is the devils themselves that make our bodies…that they does see our souls, bright and beautiful, gliding down from Heaven to touch the earth powerfully, and grab them. Snatch them up before they reach, and sew their flesh around the spirit. Yuh see, is only our soul is in God image and likeness, eh…loving and compassionate and forever, like he is. But the flesh, it doh look like him at all. Pain stays on it, and it does want death. Pleasure teases it, and it does lust after all sorts of things not good for it. The devils does put us in these vessels, make them feel every single thing, until they can’t feel their soul anymore, and they think it no longer exists. And then the flesh gets spoiled, and it rots…and takes the soul with it.

– Eutrice, a character from ‘Body = Barrier’

So, I’m writing a play called Body = Barrier. It’s not my very first¬†play-writing¬†stint, but it’s definitely the one I’ve taken the most seriously. Part of the reason for that is because I think it’s just a beautiful idea for a play that I would Love to be able to put on stage myself. The other reason is because the play itself is one of a long line of spiritual revelations that I’ve had over the past few months that have come out of nowhere at hit me like a ton of bricks… Continue reading