A Matter of Prudence

Last night, I found myself sitting quietly writing for a class. I had been playing video games with a room of relative strangers until 6PM. By then, it was 8. Everyone took a quiet walk outside, leaving me and my work alone to make love or hate alone in that classroom. After about 15 minutes, just when I’m about to put my work to bed, they all come back in. One of them calls my name in a shriek and runs up to me. He quickly gets distracted by someone sitting, and stops to laugh at the seat that the man made for himself. He comes and wraps an arm around me, telling me how funny it is, and asks me how I am. He smells. He smells the way I imagine Bob Marley smells. He’s been smelling like that every day for quite some time now. Or does prejudice sharpen your senses?

I’ve always prided myself as a man with no vices. I’ve consumed alcohol only three times since ‘coming of age’, and two of those times were dares. I’ve never smoked or experimented with drugs…experimented with anything, really. And anyone who knows me knows how I treat sex and intimacy. They say a man without vice is a man to fear. Often times, he’s a man who fears himself…

We live in a world that asks every man to let every man do as they please. And, as something resembling an activist, I am responsible for a fraction of that. And here’s where it gets confusing – from a political perspective, I think that marijuana should be legalized and the ‘War on Drugs’ rethought completely before more money is wasted and more lives are ruined. I also think in a politically sex-positive way; that people should not be antagonized for having consenting sex. But when it comes to a personal level, I would like to know that my son or daughter is not just sexing down the place, and only smokes herring.

This is a summary of my views on marijuana. Makes sense…right?

A prude can be defined as someone who is overly concerned about propriety and decorum. I am not completely convinced that this defines me. After all, I’m not the poster boy for decorum in the slightest. But as for as values and virtues are concerned, I do believe that they’re there for a reason. And that reason is not 100% Patriarchy/Monarchy/Oligarchy/Heirarchy. And I definitely don’t vote for what comes down basically to anarchy. Not the ‘blowing things up and killing innocent civilians’ anarchy. The anarchy where people rule themselves.

Okay, that last part probably came out bad…

The idea that everyone gets to make up their own moral code completely de-codifies morality. There would be any central right and wrong except for someone telling you to do something you don’t want to do. Everything would be right, in that case. And, ironically, that’s wrong. But I don’t know what to do with that. Like I don’t know how to tell a good friend of mine to not smoke marijuana, or tell a girl that I know not to become a prostitute, or anything along those lines. They should have the ability to do whatever they want with their lives, right?

But if they should have the ability and if they should are two different things…


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