The Glorious Misadventures of a Yes Man

Less than an hour ago, I was asked by a friend of mine to participate in a debate he’s planning about two months from now. Immediately, my thought was ‘Brendon, don’t you think you take on a bit too much?’

My second thought was ‘yeah, but why not man?’

So it goes without saying that I volunteered for my second youth mock Parliamentary debate, something that is specifically designed to take all the time and energy that you can muster to make anything resembling an intelligent point and not look like the idiots you voted for in your last general election.

But it’s tons of fun! I decided to look back at the last mock Parliamentary debate I took part in, and the interesting people I met and perspectives I had an opportunity to hear… I had never in my lief expected that I would end up spending months of my time participating in something like this, and I definitely had no clue about how much people took ideas like this to heart, especially here in Trinidad & Tobago. They’re not even talking about legislative Youth Parliaments in the ‘First World’, and I met guys who were adamant about making it work here in this small twin-island. It was clever, and daring, and one of those ideas I glad I got a chance to meet the brains behind.

And it even got me a small spot on the news for all the hard work and passionate yelling I did over the months. Yeah, it drained me, but it also exposed and enlightened me. And you can’t get that without a few sleepless nights in front of your computer screaming ‘whyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!’

That’s one of the things about actually saying ‘yes’ and challenging yourself to do something. You meet new people that you never imagined you’d meet or even work alongside. You learn new and interesting things about a topic you thought you’d never understand. And, at the end of it all, you realize that you did something that a couple months before you thought was out of your reach entirely.

With that in mind, let’s see if I can’t end up on TV again for another stellar political argument…


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