Hard(ly) Working…

Theoretically, I just finished a social media project for a conference on Friday. I say theoretically because I spent the last two days at home with an interesting depression, so beyond making sure that one of my team was there to get the work done, I didn’t do a thing.

If you’re saying this is definitely not the kind of post you introduce your blog with, you’re absolutely right…to a point. In fact, that’s the reason I started this blog. And no, I don’t mean I started this blog to talk about a weird depressive spell. I started this blog to talk about my work.

You see, I do a lot of things. Some of the titles for these things might not even exist yet. I know for sure I’m a Spoken Word poet, writer, blogger, amateur journalist, activist and organizer. I’ve also tried my hand at facilitating, teaching, directing…and as of recently I’ve been wearing badges marked ‘social media coordinator’. And these aren’t just things that I need to be taking more seriously, there are interesting things that maybe someone else is doing. I should write about it, I thought, and give someone else who’s doing the same crazy stuff as I am a chance to learn what to not do.

So this blog is about those days where I get a new project or make up a new one, when I get called upon to ‘share expertise’, and even those days that I really didn’t do anything that I should have and what happens next. It’s about creativity, work, the people that do it all and sometimes the emotions that get in the way. It’s about what other people are doing and what inspiration is out there.

Let’s see if this goes better than the social media project from last week…


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